Six Tips to Help Find a Dissertation Idea

Choosing a dissertation topic is the 1st and most important part of the dissertation process. You should be interested in the topic, the topic needs to be original, scalable and solvable. Certainly, there also needs to be adequate available facts to be able to accomplish your dissertation research. Listed below are 6 methods to help you discover a dissertation idea.

#1 – Interesting Topic

Quite a few people spend years investigating and composing their dissertation. Choose a topic that you would be interested in studying and writing about in this length of time. If you are not enthusiastic about your topic then there is a higher chance of you not finishing your dissertation. It would be a shame not to complete your doctorate simply because you decided on a boring or uninspiring topic.

#2 – Scalable & Solvable Topic

Can this dissertation topic be solved? Is the topic too broad and would be hard to study? You don’t want to begin your research and discover that it would take a ten years or even more to investigate the dissertation topic. During this time, another person could pick out this same topic or resolve the issue using completely different procedures. Also, do the research to discover if this problem can even be settled. How terrible would it be if you spent many months or even years on investigation to find out that the matter was never solvable to begin with?

#3 – Organized

As you are hunting for a dissertation idea, have wonderful and arranged files. I advise that you buy a file container simply for your dissertation resources.Get more information about business then you can always consider Write My Dissertation.This would help keep your thoughts structured and help when you have to write your literature review. While you look for dissertation ideas, gather articles and journals which support the possible topic. Also, acquire dissertation examples from other pupils and interview them about their dissertation methodology, structure, and formats. You will be thankful for these interview notes and organized documents when it’s time to write your dissertation.

#4 – Expand on Mastersthesis

It may be helpful to extend on your masters thesis for your dissertation topic. If you are acquainted with the subject and no one else has published a dissertation on that topic, then this most likely could be your dissertation topic. It might save you a tremendous about of time and research if you already have a lot of the content structured.

#5 – Original Subject

There could be some dissertation ideas that are interesting, scalable and solvable however someone else has already published a dissertation about this subject. You will not be able to duplicate their work but you can write about the exact same topic but with some other perspective or position. Should you bring new research to the table and make a unique view of the subject, then your committee might agree to the subject. It is always best to seek advice from your advisor during these situations.

#6 Relax

Dissertations are in-depth and sometimes very complex documents that are hardly ever read by anyone but a student, specialists in the discipline, your advisor and committee.Get more details about business then you can always consider Write my dissertation Online. It’s highly unlikely that your dissertation is going to make it to the cover of the Wall Street Journal. Take pleasure in identifying a dissertation idea, studying your topic and writing the dissertation.

To conclude, choosing a dissertation topic is a process that takes into consideration several points. Your topic must be interesting, scalable, solvable, and unique. You also need to be organized from the start in order to reduce possible hassles during the composing process of the dissertation.


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